We don’t need therapy, we need more hugs

There are a lot of things that could be shared about hugs. I have one favourite:  I love it when I hug someone and I am ready to let go, to feel them hug me even tighter. It is like a love poem written by arms. I think that when people hug each other and stop talking, that’s when their hearts start to speak. Every echoed heartbeat has a meaning when we cuddle. Lifelong decisions can be made chest to chest if we dare to listen. That is why I wish I had the chance to hug you today. My heart was filled with secrets that can’t reach my mind. I can’t translate them to letters or words, thoughts or feelings. I waited all day to put my arms around you, but you are far away. So I hugged a tree. This wise, old creature listened to the secrets of my heart and I found some peace. If you have time tonight, go out to the park and hug a tree.

My message will be there and your heart will understand.

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13 thoughts on “We don’t need therapy, we need more hugs

  1. There’s actually a study that hugging for 20 seconds releases enough hormones to produce a positive mood.
    I can’t hug our pine tree outside, though…it’s still snowing!

  2. This actually made me tear up. I have to spend weeks away from my soulmate at a time and it truly makes me cherish our hugs. It gives you more than a kiss can or conversation, it gives you the safety of being able to let everything else go but that person.

    and I’m also totally a tree hugger!

  3. I love this! You definitely create a lot of emotion with your words, and it’s the good type of “cheesy,” they type I want all the time! What you said was really touching. I am a hugger. I had to be away from my fiance for 2 years, and ours would last over 5 minutes whenever we saw each other.

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