Music stores memories

There are only a few chances in a lifetime to feel absolute happiness. My glass is almost full, my grass is mostly green, but I still can count one by one the best and happiest moments of my life. Simply because the perfect happiness with perfect timing is like waiting for a butterfly to sit on your hand.

Even if it happens, it is only a blink of an eye, a few heartbeats and it is gone. There is a slight chance that a picture can awake the experience because the visual capture also builds the fence of perspective. It fades all the rest of the magic. I wish I could replay those exact scenes in my mind on a repeat. Would be better than any drug in the world.

Today I accidentally found a lost melody. It was like thunder and lightning on a silent summer night. All my veins got filled with adrenalin, my heart started jumping in my chest, my head felt dizzy and I stopped breathing for a while. I felt the pure happiness of that rainy January day when I first saw you. The chords of these sounds are written on my heart and they stored all the euphoria and pure joy forever.

This is my melody. This is my time travel. This is my drug.