How to live happily ever after?

Photo by Anna Pawleta

Photo by Anna Pawleta

All the girls like fairy tales. I think even boys do. We like the concept of two souls finding each other, fall in love at first sight and no matter what the odds might be, we want the characters to live happily ever after. Not that we know exactly what that means. Have you ever thought about the ever after part? That takes a lot of days to be happy…

Every time I have a really big question about life I like to turn to the ones with endless wisdom. Yes. To kids.

I have this little friend who was four at the time when we were watching Snow White on the couch. Armed with hot chocolate, cookies and a warm blanket. It was great as always. You might remember the closing scene when Snow White and her Prince walk away after waving good-bye to the cute Drawfs and we see the big screen filled with beautiful colors, and a castle in the background. She is on a white horse and she is starting her journey to her happy life. I just realized that I had no idea how to process this, so I turned to this little curly-haired, spark-eyed beauty and asked her:

– Where do you think they are going?

She was cuddling her doll, put her eyebrows into heavy thinking mode and stayed silent for a few minutes.  This is it – I thought – she will tell me the greatest thing in the world now, the truth, the key to happiness. Then she looked at me and she said in a softly whispering voice, the one that you use when you say things that should not be said loud:

– To the playground…

That’s it my fellow happiness hunters. If you want to have happiness with someone, don’t look for it in a big castle, a shopping mall, a nice travel destination, a self-help book or the forest. Just be in a place where your heart desires to be, do the things you love, be fun and entertained and make sure your Prince would want to do the same things to be happy. After that you can do those things together and live happily eve after. Simple as that.