Prince wanted for white horse

It is 22. This is the number of times when I saw these small happy flowers waving hello out of the fresh green grass. I like these ones. You see? Their yellow heads with small white collars around the neck. When they are here I know that the warm days are coming. Oh, you did well for a beginner. Sometimes Master has to push them up to get on my back. Well done. Well done. We can go now? Well Darling, if you would do me a favour please kick me a little bit harder on the side. I gained a few pounds recently and this gentle touch is not enough for me anymore…

That’s it. Keep tight, I walk around for a while so you can get used to my moves. Listen to Master, that’s how you learn. So. I wasn’t always like this. I used to work really hard and was so skinny that you could see my bones on the sides. My old Master was a grumpy man and he wanted the farm-wagon to go fast. Barrels can be really heavy full with the fresh grapes and pulling alone is never easy. I liked the vine-harvest though. I always got extra hay when Master was done with the celebration… I might just go the other way around now, sometimes I get dizzy with these circles. Master won’t mind. Or maybe… Oh. Ok. You see, they call me Bruno here.

I think it’s a nice name. I can tell you, I have been called a lot worse than that. I wish I knew what soap is but my pals here never heard that word before. I live in that green house at the corner of the corral. Nice isn’t it? My neighbours are called Proud and Cheesy. The brown one over there. That is Proud. He used to be a dame horse. He knows some tricks with his legs and he likes the drama. I have to say he is a snob, but please don’t tell him I said that. He has these nice ribbons and he still thinks that his career is not over. I think he just got old too. You see my legs are thick and strong. I tried to walk the spanish steps, but I just made a fool of myself…

Cheesy? She is a sweetheart. She has this love Darius. He lives next door. Sorry for the giggle. They know how to live a romantic love story but they will never make it I guess. Oh, we are trotting now. Don’t be afraid, I got you, just be relaxed and hold on tight. Master knows if you are ready. So you are. I will keep it low until you trust me. Maybe one day we will go for a run. I would love that. The grass is so fresh outside the gates. I think it is even greener… We done already? I hope you liked it. I did my best to teach you well. Please come back next time and ask for me. Master loves when I am popular. Any chance you got some carrots? Thanks… I like it a lot.

Never mind my tail. It is quite messy most of the time. I am not vain or anything like that. There, there a little more on the left at my belly… Thanks. It has been itching for a while. You see how white I am? Master said that it is the colour of fairy tale horses. Pure white. I have these small black areas on my right side but I still could be a fairy horse. You think so too? That’s very nice of you to say that. If I wasn’t this old I could be anything. But I like my life here. I can teach people like you how to live in the moment. How to breathe the fresh spring air and get lost in the ballade of movement. I appreciate my luck in my destiny. And Master. And these cute goats here. The small one Buddy is so much fun…

A photo? Of course you can take one. You mind if Cheesy is on it? She is shy but she would insist I know. Maybe I will lean my neck a little bit cause that looks good and stand like this so my black dots will not show. Ready? Ok. Thanks. Who knows. Maybe you know a Prince and he might fancy me. Proud could be convinced finally that anyone can be in a fairy tale…

- to be continued with other stories of the farm -


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