Great reapings of our days


Old grandmas tell their stories of golden fields and hard work. Young and old from the whole community worked together as one when the time of sowing and reaping came. The common goal, determination and interest made these kind of days memorable. Along the sweat and tears on the hot summer days, aching backs, feet and hands. I can imagine how the mutual experiences bonded people together. It must have been great to celebrate at the end of a successful season.

Grandmas say that it was the best opportunity to see which man is ready for marriage, who is lazy, who is tough, who would be a great family man and who needs more time to grow. Based on how they approached their work and duty. Probably men also had the chance to see the women of their community. They had to take care of things, be lovely and chatty but prompt and effective at the same time. Finding the rhythm between two people during a physically challenging process must be a good seed for a love story and a shared future.
I was thinking about this while I was working with my colleagues on a charity gardening event at a children’s home.

Twenty something city men and women, young, healthy and strong. One would expect them to be ready for a new experience, to learn something about a tomato plant or to look for physical challenges. I expected that they would be happy to be outside of office, to enjoy nice weather, fresh air and nature. Oh, I was so wrong.

Their generation seems to be obsessed with their own body so much that they wouldn’t risk any harm with some kind of actual work. Going to the gym and lifting weights, drinking protein is cool but cutting grass is lame. They can’t commit to anything for more than 10 minutes, they get bored, they get tired and lazy. The worst part was how men would rather sit in the shadow touching their phones or talking nonsense while us, the handful of strong women were working under the sun for a greater good.
I was ashamed for their parents, for themselves and for their generation. If today was a great reaping in a village, most women would move to a different one after an experience like this. The whole community would be starving during next winter and nothing would be done fully or properly.

They are so lucky that next week they can sit back into their comfy chairs, drink coffee, order lunch, surf on Facebook and use only two fingers to click on the mouse. Probably they will think about the tragedy that they are still single and that women of these days are just too picky.

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