Like button – I banish you

Banksy Street ArtIt has been five long years since I have you in my life. I first met you on Facebook and I had this instant feeling that we will be good friends. Giving you and receiving you gave a nice feeling. This was the ideal way to show appreciation in that world. Nowadays you have different forms. Sometimes you are a heart, sometimes a star, or a thumbs up. You feed people with the same idea and no offence, but you are EVERYWHERE. You just took over our lives. I don’t even remember how I expressed my feelings before you. How I told someone, that I like how they look, or the way their dogs lay on the floor. That their baby is cute or that I like that new scarf. Probably I had to call them or say that to their faces. Scandal right? Now all I have to do is click and it’s done. No interaction needed.

When I started this blog I had the same ride. I was happy to see the stars coming, collecting likes and followers. I knew my readers liked me and it helped me value myself and appreciate my writing. Since I started to rely on feedback and not my own judgement I instantly started to question myself when my post didn’t have a starry-starry night. I needed to stop for a moment.

Is my writing reflected in the number of likes I receive? In the number of my followers? Am I not happy enough that there are people who even read my posts?ย  They give me their time and their open mind. My dear Reader, I hope that whoever you are, you find some joy in my words, or that you say: oh yes, I am not alone with this thought or feeling. Do I really need you to click on a star or a like or do I need to express my feelings in words and try to touch your heart? Do I want to share something with you, like a human being or do I have a price tag of: like, comment, follow? Would Shakespeare get a zillion likes if he had a blog? Would Jane Austen count her followers? Would Picasso be on Instagram?ย  Is sharing about giving or is it about receiving?

I am not sure about the answers anymore. You my friend, the like button, control my mind. You are not for my benefit anymore, you started to become my foe, my instability, my insecure question mark. You shouldn’t be a goal in anything I do. You are not a success rate and you are not a reflection of things that matter in life. You were created as a game but I started to take you seriously. I need some time without you, to find my balance again and to value myself based on true criteria.

Like button – I banish you!*

You, who read this, take these words that come from my heart, taste them, judge them, feel them. Take what you need, a thought, a picture, a memory or inspiration. If you ever need more, you are always welcomed here. Only leave any kind of note if you want me to find and share your thoughts too. Everything is free here.

*The line “I banish you” is from the great drama ofย  Shakespeare: Coriolanus

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