Like button – I banish you

Banksy Street ArtIt has been five long years since I have you in my life. I first met you on Facebook and I had this instant feeling that we will be good friends. Giving you and receiving you gave a nice feeling. This was the ideal way to show appreciation in that world. Nowadays you have different forms. Sometimes you are a heart, sometimes a star, or a thumbs up. You feed people with the same idea and no offence, but you are EVERYWHERE. You just took over our lives. I don’t even remember how I expressed my feelings before you. Continue reading

Great reapings of our days

Old grandmas tell their stories of golden fields and hard work. Young and old from the whole community worked together as one when the time of sowing and reaping came. The common goal, determination and interest made these kind of days memorable. Along the sweat and tears on the hot summer days, aching backs, feet and hands. I can imagine how the mutual experiences bonded people together. It must have been great to celebrate at the end of a successful season.

Grandmas say that it was the best opportunity to see which man is ready for marriage, who is lazy, who is tough, who would be a great family man and who needs more time to grow. Based on how they approached their work and duty. Probably men also had the chance to see the women of their community. They had to take care of things, be lovely and chatty but prompt and effective at the same time. Finding the rhythm between two people during a physically challenging process must be a good seed for a love story and a shared future.
I was thinking about this while I was working with my colleagues on a charity gardening event at a children’s home. Continue reading

Be a crown not a trophy – Noble women of the 21st century

I have this goal to be a woman of the best kind. I will make sure that I will be ready to be a crown on the head of a man and not a trophy in his bed. Women in our days and in my society are well-educated, well prepared for their lives but in the meantime we have been taught that we should never feel satisfied, we should always push our limits and we have all the knowledge in the world to train ourselves in anything. With this in mind I started to look for great ideas on how to become a great woman, a wanted, exceptional and valued one. I will not name my sources, but here is a sum of the things I could learn: Continue reading

The generation of selfies

I read a piece on Freshly pressed about the history of the selfies. (written by Archives Mouse) The main discussion was if the selfie is the sign of increased narcissism in our times or if it has been around for a long time. I think it is a sign of something else. It is called a selfie for a reason. Mainly because those people who want to have a photo of themselves have no-one around them to take one. They are alone. Alone. Even if they are not, they would have to ask someone to take one for them. Continue reading

I shout it out to the world to hear

A first ever blog post is a difficult one. The blank page awakens the fear of failure and leaves the burden of possibility. I choose to give this space to one of my favorite poems that represents human nature for me. Because no matter who we are, with or without masks and filters, in every heartbeat, behind every word: we all wish for the same. Therefore I am not different from any of you: Continue reading