Parallel lives wanted

imageThere is a small square in London that most people don’t even know about. It is in the palm of Covent garden and I think a part of my heart lives there. I only realized it because there is no day passing by without me going there at least once when I am in the city. Somehow my feet have to cross the path where something really good happened to me.

I guess that happy memories work like invisible umbilical cords. When they happen, our souls get tied to the scenes that witnessed the moment. It is written in personal histories and it is stored in landscapes, bricks and street tiles.
It may be that anywhere I go and fall in love with, awake a life that will continue even if I never go back again. It starts with happy moments and it lasts a lifetime in my soul. To get there is like stepping into a dream that seems to be going on for a while. I wish I had multiple dimensions so I could live in all the cities I love in the same time and not to be limited only for a visit. Continue reading

Change is good – farewell to a leaving friend

I think that in our lives we have a crazy idea that we indeed belong to a place and a time and we have a spot among the people around us. That everything that we call life should have some consistency and that there are times when the world stops for a moment to celebrate perfectness. The planet would laugh out loud on this idea if it knew, that we only live and work for those kind of moments. That is why it never stops moving, as it is written in it’s nature.

Change is good.

I have a group of people that I have been working with in the past three years. Lovely, colorful and valuable people. I actually spent more time with them in these years than with anybody else. My friends, my family or even myself. We live our days like little birds in the nest and we enjoy it. We have love and we have the trust of being there for each other.

One bird just flew out of this nest yesterday. She decided that there are new horizons that she should see, so she spread her wings and flew away. It should not be a big thing, since nobody died, life goes on, but still…

Change is good. Continue reading

Hush little baby don’t you cry…

This is a slow day and I hear that lunch is almost ready somewhere based on the far away sounds of table setting. The sun is gently touching the flowers on the balcony and the breeze tickles the curtain to move from time to time. The air is filled with songs of the birds and there is nothing to bother the peace of my home.

Suddenly a surprising noise is rushing through the window into my ears. A newborn baby’s cry.

There is an element of shock when you hear a baby shedding tears after years of not hearing any, so I just sat down to simply listen to it. I realized that it is a nice feeling to hear a newborn expressing feelings. There is anger and desperation, willpower and weakness in the same breath. Like a declaration of existence. A new person is here to stay, has needs, wants something and wants it right now. The ones who love this little one probably dream of a life that is full of secrets now, but will be joyful and a success. Pure hope and excitement for the human kind to hear a strong baby cry.

We were all newborns once and no matter where we are in our lives, it was the same start for everyone. A constant need for attention and unbroken trust in positive response. The infants don’t think about anyone’s opinion on the noises they make. They just simply have this urge to make the world listen.

We should never stop believing that our voices are worth hearing.

The Mom of this precious baby – my neighbour – read this story and she sent a photo of her beautiful daughter, Hanga Anna.

Welcome in this world, have a blessed life!

Hanga Anna

Move in. Inhabit. Leave.

I was at the flea market today. I was going around and around and I tried to find a missing piece for my home. I moved in almost two years ago and I have been collecting the vintage furnitures and accessories one by one for years. It felt like a puzzle. While I was looking for the next one to fit in, I felt really satisfied. I knew that at the end of this game I will have my perfect home. My castle. My realm. I will have my roots here and many good years will come. It was a nice plan but today I realized that something has changed. Continue reading

How to live happily ever after?

Photo by Anna Pawleta

Photo by Anna Pawleta

All the girls like fairy tales. I think even boys do. We like the concept of two souls finding each other, fall in love at first sight and no matter what the odds might be, we want the characters to live happily ever after. Not that we know exactly what that means. Have you ever thought about the ever after part? That takes a lot of days to be happy…

Every time I have a really big question about life I like to turn to the ones with endless wisdom. Yes. To kids.

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Stop dreaming, it’s a trap

You said once, that I should never stop dreaming. I had a dream last night and it made me think of your words again. All the dreams I ever had at night were blurry, hard to remember and they never made too much sense. Sometimes they were rather creepy. Why is it then that people really like to use this term that we should dream big, dream constantly and make our dreams come true? Continue reading

Spring comes with the golden rain

Golden RainI am sitting at my table in an average office in an average Thursday mood. Nothing is going on. I try to get my numbers in order and get on with my day. A few minutes ago someone opened the window and it just happened. This cheeky, warm but still cool breeze sneaked into the room and touched my hand. Just for a second. Like the first touch of your love that is almost painfully new and so familiar in the same time. It took my breath away. This gentle breeze woke up one voice in my soul and it said: You are alive.

I. am. alive.

Buy a new one? No thanks, I rather adopt my books from the shelters.

I am one of those lost creatures who love old books. I love the smell of dust, the untidy looks and the hidden history. I couldn’t imagine reading without the sound of the turning pages, or the touch of the yellow paper. It is a unique experience every time and I am thankful that my Mother tought me to appreciate it.

imageA story – if it is well written – stays with me for years and helps me understand life better. Books are like grandparents. Continue reading