My written selfie

photoThis is the part where I should impress you. To make you stay or follow, comment or start to like me. Well… I am not going to try hard, because I have no idea what you expect.

I started this blog because I haven’t met my soulmate yet. I know that He is out there somewhere and probably He is very busy looking for me too.

One day, when we end up together, he might want to know about the road that lead into his arms. We will be busy living our happy present, but I would want him to know, that I was constantly waiting for him. In the meantime I try my best to celebrate life and be happy. This blog is the platform to document this journey.

Come with me on this path, we might share some stories that would bound us together.

I am a devoted dreamer and a reckless romantic.

…and my name is Vanda.

Weekly favourite:

The wind of change

19 thoughts on “My written selfie

    • Thank you very much for your positivity! First I wasn’t sure if being reckless in anything could be good, but it seems that I like my life the way it is. It is my great pleasure if I could inspire you to let your romantic side shine. The world needs that :)

  1. Awesome blog and amazing view on life and what you are doing in order to live it to the fullest. Your one is out there and with an outlook like yours, you will find him soon enough :)

  2. Hi there……I have just started to blog……..probably to come out with words that have been juggling in my mind and heart………read your blogs and feel that they are wonderful……..

  3. Just wanted to share this quote with you.. “To be pretty as a teenager is a work of nature, but to be beautiful, graceful and elegant as we begin to mature, that is a work of art.” Enjoy

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