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Je t’aime Paris! – Fun music clip of a parisienne weekend

There is a love that I carry in my heart for long years now. When the first leaves start to fall from the autumn trees and the first colder breeze touches my face,… Continue reading

Life is your symphony to compose

Music is one of the greatest gifts from God for the human kind. Music gives us comfort when we are sad, helps us celebrate when we are happy and it stores memories. I… Continue reading

Room with a view

Her fingertip had to speed up as the last of the raindrops decided to go down on the glass. It was on the outside, but she could easily follow the path of the… Continue reading

In your sticky leather armchair

In my memory it’s 5 am in the morning of a high peak summer day, when nothing can be done to avoid the heat. I am sitting in your big leather armchair and try… Continue reading

Under the giant trees

The miles were running below the wheels of my car while I was getting closer to the old set of my childhood summers stage. I have always been the one with the fast… Continue reading

My skin remembers you

I saw your picture today. It was the same scrolling like on any other day. I have seen your pictures before, from the time that is your present now, the one that is… Continue reading

Just leave the lights on Darling!

Thou hast a grim appearance, and thy face Bears a command in’t; though thy tackle’s torn. Thou show’st a noble vessel: what’s thy name? – W. Shakespeare There are days when I feel… Continue reading

My Tinderella Story

  My story originally published on The Fickle Heartbeat. (With a surprisingly nice success :) ) Once upon a time I decided on a rainy day that I give a chance to the… Continue reading

I whisper words into the silence you left here

Do you remember the day when the sun rose with hope and set with regret? Do you remember the day when your doubts fed your fears so much that you rather chose failure?… Continue reading

Maybe I should fall in love

I have a feeling lately that I forgot something. It’s not my keys, not the umbrella, not my wallet, not my phone. I have everything I need with me, but I still have the urge to look around and check… Continue reading

Your stupid toothbrush

I had a crazy day today. You know one of the days when your head is filled with shouting thoughts that run around in circles and you can’t hear your own sence at… Continue reading

Parallel lives wanted

There is a small square in London that most people don’t even know about. It is in the palm of Covent garden and I think a part of my heart lives there. I… Continue reading

10 steps to become a super success on Instagram

Instagram is the place where you can share your beautiful pictures with the world. There is a need in us to share things with others and show how wonderful our life is, and that… Continue reading

Change is good – farewell to a leaving friend

I think that in our lives we have a crazy idea that we indeed belong to a place and a time and we have a spot among the people around us. That everything… Continue reading

Oxford Street Army

The best way to get to know a city is trying to live like a local resident whilst there. That’s why I woke up early this morning and headed to Oxford street to see… Continue reading

Hush little baby don’t you cry…

This is a slow day and I hear that lunch is almost ready somewhere based on the far away sounds of table setting. The sun is gently touching the flowers on the balcony… Continue reading

Our first photo together

There is this endless Universe with countless galaxies and always changing stars and it holds a tiny place where our Sun is the queen. She gives the warm light to 9 proud planets… Continue reading

Where lions walk at night

The evening was slow but the dark came suddenly. Like if the sky threw a blanket over the desert of Kenya. The unexpected darkness made the eyes wait before they could see the… Continue reading

Like button – I banish you

It has been five long years since I have you in my life. I first met you on Facebook and I had this instant feeling that we will be good friends. Giving you… Continue reading

Great reapings of our days

Old grandmas tell their stories of golden fields and hard work. Young and old from the whole community worked together as one when the time of sowing and reaping came. The common goal,… Continue reading

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