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The guy in the café

The guy in the café has sparkling blue eyes. He mostly eats alone and he likes his coffee black. He greets, he meets, sometimes he smiles, but he prefers the company of his… Continue reading

Room with a view

Her fingertip had to speed up as the last of the raindrops decided to go down on the glass. It was on the outside, but she could easily follow the path of the… Continue reading

In your sticky leather armchair

In my memory it’s 5 am in the morning of a high peak summer day, when nothing can be done to avoid the heat. I am sitting in your big leather armchair and try… Continue reading

Under the giant trees

The miles were running below the wheels of my car while I was getting closer to the old set of my childhood summers stage. I have always been the one with the fast… Continue reading

My skin remembers you

I saw your picture today. It was the same scrolling like on any other day. I have seen your pictures before, from the time that is your present now, the one that is… Continue reading

Just leave the lights on Darling!

  There are days when I feel like a noble vessel, long-lost on the endless seas of this world. Wondering around on the deck of my life, gazing into the midst filled air of… Continue reading

I whisper words into the silence you left here

Do you remember the day when the sun rose with hope and set with regret? Do you remember the day when your doubts fed your fears so much that you rather chose failure?… Continue reading

Maybe I should fall in love

I have a feeling lately that I forgot something. It’s not my keys, not the umbrella, not my wallet, not my phone. I have everything I need with me, but I still have the urge to look around and check… Continue reading

Your stupid toothbrush

I had a crazy day today. You know one of the days when your head is filled with shouting thoughts that run around in circles and you can’t hear your own sence at… Continue reading

Parallel lives wanted

There is a small square in London that most people don’t even know about. It is in the palm of Covent garden and I think a part of my heart lives there. I… Continue reading

Our first photo together

There is this endless Universe with countless galaxies and always changing stars and it holds a tiny place where our Sun is the queen. She gives the warm light to 9 proud planets… Continue reading

Where lions walk at night

The evening was slow but the dark came suddenly. Like if the sky threw a blanket over the desert of Kenya. The unexpected darkness made the eyes wait before they could see the… Continue reading

Rain on a Sunday

I am listening to birds singing happy songs in the rain. I opened the window because the drops knocking on the glass reminded me that you won’t come to my door. I am… Continue reading

Move in. Inhabit. Leave.

I was at the flea market today. I was going around and around and I tried to find a missing piece for my home. I moved in almost two years ago and I… Continue reading

How to live happily ever after?

All the girls like fairy tales. I think even boys do. We like the concept of two souls finding each other, fall in love at first sight and no matter what the odds… Continue reading

Music stores memories

There are only a few chances in a lifetime to feel absolute happiness. My glass is almost full, my grass is mostly green, but I still can count one by one the best… Continue reading

Wind of change

The wind of change has been blowing in me for days now. Came as an uninvited guest and seduced everything I keep in my heart to take them for a crazy dance. Like old leaves dance in circles above the autumn ground… Continue reading

Stop dreaming, it’s a trap

You said once, that I should never stop dreaming. I had a dream last night and it made me think of your words again. All the dreams I ever had at night were… Continue reading

We don’t need therapy, we need more hugs

There are a lot of things that could be shared about hugs. I love it most dearly when I hug someone until I’m about to let go, and in that moment to feel them hug me even… Continue reading

Open letter to the fancy girl who lives my dream life

  Hello, You probably haven’t noticed me. I wouldn’t have noticed me either, it was only a blink of an eye while our roads crossed on the posh street of the capital. You… Continue reading

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