Like button – I banish you

Banksy Street ArtIt has been five long years since I have you in my life. I first met you on Facebook and I had this instant feeling that we will be good friends. Giving you and receiving you gave a nice feeling. This was the ideal way to show appreciation in that world. Nowadays you have different forms. Sometimes you are a heart, sometimes a star, or a thumbs up. You feed people with the same idea and no offence, but you are EVERYWHERE. You just took over our lives. I don’t even remember how I expressed my feelings before you. Continue reading

The generation of selfies

I read a piece on Freshly pressed about the history of the selfies. (written by Archives Mouse) The main discussion was if the selfie is the sign of increased narcissism in our times or if it has been around for a long time. I think it is a sign of something else. It is called a selfie for a reason. Mainly because those people who want to have a photo of themselves have no-one around them to take one. They are alone. Alone. Even if they are not, they would have to ask someone to take one for them. Continue reading